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New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination, and often called the eighth wonder of the word, Milford Sound is a fiord located on the southwest coast of the South Island. On day three of our RV quest, we drove seven hours, stopping and staying overnight in Te Anau, from Hooker Valley to Milford Sound Deep Water Basin. Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park is the closest RV park to the fiord; it was cramped, but the facilities were nice. The drive, however, was gorgeous.


*Tip: Book your kayak tour with Rosco’s Milford Kayaks. They were awesome. Ollie, or guide, and Adam, our boat driver, had tons of humor, knowledge, and guidance to share.

We chose the Stirling Sunriser tour. Our group was intimate, only seven people. We pulled up to the basin and met our guides. They had us change into some REALLY chic kayaking gear and hopped on the boat. Adam took us out just past Stirling Falls and helped us in the water.


We were allowed to kayak as close to the falls as we dared! The wind and spray were quite intense. Afterward, as we steered across the fiord, we rafted the kayaks together, pulled out a nylon sheet, and actually sailed for a while!


*Tip: Be prepared! This is an open ocean kayak tour. The wind is extremely strong most of the time, and the sea is quite choppy. This is not your leisurely kayak tour; if you are prone to seasickness or fear of flipping, you might prefer a different tour.

Six kilometers and a little over three hours later, we pulled the kayaks in to the dock where we began the tour.


Overall, it’s a great tour that we highly recommend. It was a unique and active way to visit the fiord. We even saw a humpback while (which is quite rare), and other marine life including penguins and seals. If it isn’t already, kayaking Milford Sound needs to be on your bucket list!

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– M.

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