Mani Monday


One of many things we have in common is that we both love getting our nails done, especially before a trip.  Mi Ran, our favorite and most talented Korean nail artist, comes to our home about once a month to make our hands look chic and travel-ready.  Mi Ran is the gel polish queen, and her results last four to six weeks.

For the past few months, glass nails have been the latest trend in Korea.  The look is achieved by cutting up thin, translucent, iridescent paper into tiny geometric shapes and glueing them onto the nail in a mosaic array — creating an overall “stained glass” appearance.  A colored polish can be applied before the paper to create a vibrant effect, but we chose a clear base coat for a more delicate and subtle look.

The glass effect shimmers and changes with the lighting.  It has easily been one of our favorite nail styles — we never got sick of looking at them!

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Travel on, Beaches 🙂

– M. & S.

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