Canyoning Kawasan Falls


This was my second time canyoning (the first being in Bali), and I enjoyed it even more! The scenery was impeccable, and the color of the water was sublime. We went with Planet Action Adventure and definitely recommend them. The route was the perfect mix of jumps, slides, and caves (there was no abseiling on the trip we chose). At 60 USD per person and spanning from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with lunch provided, it was an excellent day trip. While we can’t speak for the other tours, we did notice the wide array of activities they offer and would love to try out a few more when we go back for round two!

The tour started in Moalboal on the south end of Cebu. The van picked us up from Planet Action’s headquarters on the beach and drove us to the starting point in the middle of a tiny village in the forest. We walked a very short distance down to the river and entered the water via eight meter jump! The water was cool but not uncomfortable.

*Tip: Wear some solid water shoes, preferably with good grip on the bottoms and a very secure fit. If you don’t have any, I strongly suggest you purchase some for activities like these. The current will carry off loose shoes, and the rocky river bottom can be tricky to navigate even with supportive footwear.

We made our way down the river by jumping, sliding, swimming, and walking. There were several small holes and caves we went through (which were really awesome!). The tallest jump came near the end and measured about 18 meters high — a cliff where we could literally run and fling ourselves off of like action heroes escaping an exploding building.

The last hour was mostly walking as we came upon a series of waterfalls accessible to non-canyoners coming up from the parking area. Finally, we made it to Kawasan Falls where we took a few minutes to jump in and swim behind the waterfall — a crazy cool experience.

We were picked up by the van and taken to lunch where we changed clothes and ate a freshly cooked, delicious, barbecue-style meal. We talked travel with our companions until it was time to return to headquarters and end the tour around 3 p.m.

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