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New Zealand’s South Island is home to some pretty fantastic marine life, including whales, dolphins, and seals — all three of which we had the privilege to see on our tour with Whale Watch Kaikoura. An established company, Whale Watch is experienced, professional, and environmentally responsible. We definitely recommend them.

The tour started at their headquarters where we were briefed before being bussed to the harbor. The tour group was large, but the catamaran was larger, so my fears of having to fight for space were quickly put to rest. The boat was extremely comfortable. When it slowed or stopped, we were allowed to leave our seats and go out onto the lower or upper deck, but otherwise, it was really nice to sit super comfortably and listen to information about the whales and surrounding area as we traveled from place to place. If airlines made seats like the ones on the catamaran, this world would be a much happier place.

On the three hour tour, we saw a sperm whale surface twice, a pod of dusky dolphins that stayed and played around the boat for a while, and a colony of New Zealand fur seals. Seeing the whale was totally amazing — watching him swim along the surface and then seeing his tail come up as he dived. Although Whale Watch cannot guarantee whale sightings, as you are truly seeing wild, unbaited animals living their lives as they please, they do offer the best odds through the use of underwater microphones that pick up the whales’ echolocation up to eight miles away.

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