Best of Beijing


Destination: Beijing

Duration4 Days


Best time to go: October — the weather is windy, but not yet too cold, the skies are clear and free from haze, and rainfall is low (avoid the first week of October, however; it’s a national holiday, and traffic and tourism will be insanely high). Check out our post for detailed seasonal information.

Best part of the trip: Camping on the Great Wall

Best place to stay: Definitely in a tent, under the stars, in the East Watchtower of the Jiankou Great Wall.

Best thing I/we packed: Layers! In the spring and fall, the temperature is often unpredictable and can vary from hot to cold, so be prepared.

Best meal: Peking duck. Hands down, the best duck I’ve ever eaten. We went to Da Dong Roast Duck, but there are a multitude of tasty spots all around the city — just ask your hotel for a recommendation.

Best drink: Tsingtao beer on the Great Wall after a long day of hiking.

Best thing I/we brought homeJasmine tea — Beijing is famous for it, and it’s excellent.

Best word to describe the trip: Stellar

Best picture from the trip: Having the Great Wall of China all to ourselves

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