Hi everyone!

Sharon and Morgan here, and we’re the blondes behind Travel Me Chic.

We met while living in South Korea and teaching English. We bonded over a mutual fascination with Tibet and proceeded to solidify our friendship with four bottles of soju and six shots of tequila. Since then, we’ve been traveling Southeast Asia together, along with our husbands (who really deserve a shout out: for feeding our travel ADD and always supporting our dreams—we love you dearly!). When we aren’t traveling, you’ll likely find us planning three adventures at once, working out for the upcoming trip and online shopping for that destination’s wardrobe, or singing Korean karaoke at 3 a.m., because really, is there any other time?

Seeing as we share this great love for life on the move, for other cultures and lifestyles, and for expression through fashion and photography, we wanted to create an outlet to channel all of these passions back into the world. And voilà! Travel Me Chic was born.

We hope it brings you wonder, inspiration, a laugh now and then, and that you can help it grow into the uplifting platform we’ve always dreamed it could be.

So, as with the start of every great adventure, bon voyage!


Life stories are overrated, so here’s some quirky facts instead:


  1. I drink hot water with lemon, all day, every day, whether it’s hot or cold outside.
  2. I’m obsessed with my pillow; I take it on every trip and can’t sleep without it.
  3. I may not look it, but I’m a huge tech nerd.
  4. I’m the absolute worst combination of a procrastinator and a perfectionist.
  5. I try on all my outfits and take pictures of them before I pack. This has helped me become a light packer.


  1. I’m incapable of packing earlier than 2 a.m. I actually can’t remember the last flight I took having slept the night before.
  2. I hate to cook. I avoid it at all costs.
  3. It’s possible I love my dog more than my husband. (Just kidding, Bae!.. mostly.)
  4. If my nails aren’t done, I feel naked.
  5. I’m a bipolar hiker. I go from smiling and laughing to silent rage and back again.

Travel on, Beaches 🙂

– M. & S.